Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a well-affordable and trusted brand for quality solar home systems and other solar solutions across East Africa.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring clean and green energy solutions to the homes of Africans who have no access to the grid in order to improve their standards of living and future economic solutions.


In Uganda, about 5 million families are off the grid and have no easy nor reliable access to light and electricity. Children therefore cannot study after dark and kerosene lamps pose high risks to safety and health to whole families. More than that, providing light by kerosene lamps and getting phones charged externally is oftentimes expensive, cumbersome and time consuming. Therefore, solar energy is a clean, safe and green solution for families to increase their living standards and improve their economic development. For this reason, two Austrian entrepreneurs, Dr. Lukas Gruener and Mag. Ines Schreckeneder, founded Solantis Solar Ltd in March 2016, an Ugandan solar company that sells solar home systems in East Africa. With a diversified portfolio of solar home systems in different sizes, solar lanterns and electrical accessories such as TVs or radios, Solantis offers customized clean energy solutions to a broad customer group. Farmers, families, shop owners and others can save time, effort and money by investing in solar technology to create better lives for themselves. Flexible payment plans and PAYG (pay as you go) solutions make Solantis' products affordable to almost everyone.


Our main mission is to bring clean and quality affordable solar solutions to the people of Uganda.
We offer superior price/performance and we place customer satisfaction above anything else.


Solantis operates own shops in the Northern, Eastern, and Western regions of Uganda. Our trained sales people directly engage with people in the communities to identify their needs and offer them the best available solution.
Solantis offers a professional installation of the solar system as part of the package at no extra cost and provides customer service directly in our customer homes.