We offer a variety of accessories that can be charged with the Solantis solar solutions.
Check out our energy efficient TV, high quality radio and unique Multi Speaker.

Solantis TV

Our Energy Efficient TV comes with great features

  • 15 inch screen
  • comes with an inbuilt DVB-T2 receiver, antenna and remote control
  • watch free to air channels without additional costs
  • easily operate your TV with the Solantis 50 Watt Solar Home System

Multi Speaker

The Solantis Multi Speaker is an ideal companion in your daily life

  • it is a super bright torch light
  • it is a high quality radio
  • it is a high quality speaker that can be easily connected to any bluetooth device
  • it is a power bank that can charge your mobile phone
  • easily charge this amazing device on any of our solar solutions

Solantis RADIO

High quality rechargeable FM Radio for all your music needs

  • Digital radio function
  • MP3 function
  • Can store up to 10 radio stations in preset memory
  • Integrated LED torch light
  • USB cable for charging and has an additional USB slot
  • Easily charge the Solantis Radio on any of our solar solutions